The three musicians are famous in Italy thanks to many important collaborations with big names as Silvio Soldini, Giorgio Strehler, Antonella Ruggiero, Michele Abbondanza, Moni Ovadia, Marta Mezsaros, Enzo Monteleone, Alessandro D'Alatri.

Pane e Tulipani by S. Soldini


Various are the fields of action: ethnic music, cinema, theatre, advertising, pop music, classic music and other.
As Rhapsodija Trio they have recorded 7 CDes, from 1993 on today.

What they do can be defined european (progressive) folk, with an italian basis. Two of musicians come from North Italy, one from the South, Napoli.
This permits them to build an interesting synthesis' project between the various italian cultures and the near european influences.
The violinist Deho comes from a long experience in klezmer and tzigane music; the accordion of the ligurian Marenco shows traces of the francophone influences, always present in northern Italy; the neapolitan guitarist Maione revisits his land's alchimies, the plectrum techniques, the warm call of flamenco.

A particular attention is turned to migration and travel music, so familiar to italic experiences… argentinian tango, for instance, felt as union between italian, castilian, eastern-european, then south-american cultures.

They act so many inspirations to form a renewal project in popular music (including cultured music too), as Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani, Fiorenzo Carpi and many other valid italian musicians have made.




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